100% Fitness Workout

Hello, my name is Ayman, a certified personal trainer and a group coach with experience. Living a healthy life style has brought me tremendous self-satisfaction

Now I think it's time to transmit this knowledge. Whether you have a busy life or a lot of free time, there is always a way to feel good about yourself.


My studies and knowledge of the human body, its anatomy, structure and the importance of a healthy diet will allow me to assist you in your workout and nutrition plans. I will help you change your habits and be part of your exciting journey of becoming your better and healthier self. I had the pleasure to work with individuals of all different kind of fitness levels and ages. My vast experience as an online coach had prepared me to train others safely and efficiently, to be healthy and to feel and look good. So are you ready?

Lesson overview:

Workout sessions can be given online or in-person (I have access to a gym). Take in consideration that every individual has their own goals and objectives to achieve so every session is unique and 100% customized for each of your needs. However, sessions will generally combine movement and resistance training in order to gain muscle and lose fat to achieve that 'fit look'. This type of training requires focus and repetition! Resistance training works for most fitness levels and you will see results FAST.

Come build strength and burn fat with me to achieve that ‘toned’ look you always wanted! Be beach ready for this summer!


Catégorie de sport:
Arts martiaux/Boxe
Fitness/Conditionnement physique
Course à pied
Mouvement Primitif
Lieux d'entrainement :
Au domicile du client
En ligne
Chez le coach
À un lieu particulier (précision dans l'annonce)
En extérieur
Distance de déplacement acceptée par le coach: 0-15km
Genre de l'entraineur: Homme
Les compétences que je peux t'aider à développer:
Force et conditionnement physique
Force mentale
Capacité respiratoire
Compétition / Haute performance

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